Healthy Grains BakeryLLC

Welcome to my Gluten Free Kitchen!

July 2015

Healthy Grains Bakery llc is a licensed home based bakery that bakes gluten free breads, cookies, muffins, and more! I started Healthy Grains Bakery as a "with gluten" bakery but when I decided to go completely gluten free (for health reasons) I cleaned out my kitchen, gave my gluten-filled flours away, and began experimenting with gluten free baking.

My first attempts were not very encouraging! Many times I'd find a recipe that promised me the BEST GLUTEN FREE (fill in the blank) and I found it to be anything but the best. Often these recipes were filled with too much sugar and the "flour" of choice was the less nutritious of the bunch, or the texture was off. It was so discouraging, this foreign land of gluten free baking! I wasn't sure I'd ever get the hang of it!  I hung up my apron for a time but the baking bug kept biting so I started exploring gluten free recipes again!

Eventually I created a flour blend that worked perfectly for my recipes. It is a nice blend of rice flours, starches, and flours with more nutritional value: Sorghum and Teff. This blend has become the base of most of my baking.

My goal with Healthy Grains Bakery LLC is to help those who are gluten free find quality options for baked goods. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Life without gluten is wonderful,

adventurous and delicious!

welcome to adventures in Healthy gluten free living!