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What words come to mind that describe gluten free baking? Intimidating? Frustrating? Overwhelming? That's how I once felt (and still do at times!)! Recipes with long lists of strange ingredients, cookbooks that promised their gluten free muffins were the best (uh, they weren't!), online blogs that show a million and one ways to make the best gluten free chocolate chip cookie in the world (really?), or my favorite, "your non-gluten free friends will never know it's gluten free" (Uh. They knew.). It's all too much! Too many promises, too many recipes, too many ingredients, too many failures! 

There's more to gluten free baking than the ingredients that you mix together! Yes, you need to know and understand something about these weird flours, starches, and binders that you use in gluten free baking. But you also need to look inside. Yourself. Life will never be the same as it was pre-gluten-free. An acceptance that life is going to be different is a huge first step. Your expectations of baked goods also plays a huge role in finding balance in your transition to gluten free. Some things will simply never be the same. You cannot expect gluten free pizza to be just like gluten-filled pizza. But the gluten free world has made great strides in ways to mimic gluten in gluten free baked goods. And that's why I'm here. I have transitioned from "I hate gluten free baking" to "I love gluten free baking!"

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If you would like to learn how to bake a fantastic loaf of gluten free bread just sign up for my Bread Baking 101 class!

Bread Baking 101

Cost: $50 Call to reserve a spot: 515-745-6693

Learn the basics of how to bake delicious gluten free bread! The right recipe, flour blend, techniques, and equipment are essential. In this class we will discuss flour blends, why pan size matters, and how to get a beautiful rise out of your bread! This is a demonstration class; you'll see the entire process and enjoy samples.

I offer other classes on occasion. To be kept up to date on class schedule be sure to sign up for my newsletter!